Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The crying girl

I was on the train today reading my book in the usual awkward silence of the packed carriage, (I'm always tempted to yell PENIS really loudly just to disrupt peoples daily routine), and I heard a noise that I wasn't expecting, and no it wasn't someone yelling profanities either.
This girl was just quietly crying to herself. I assumed she was on her way to the hospital or to visit someone ill but it really got to me. The train carriage was packed and silent, but nobody was concerned at all about this girl. Is it wrong to ask if she is okay? If she needs help or someone to listen? Mainly people looked awkward, like they wanted to ignore her as much as possible and get out of there a.s.a.p. This is one of the reasons I totally hate taking the train anywhere. The awkward silences when you are cramped in with people and not knowing where to look as you try to avoid eye contact. One would be considered 'strange' if they struck up a conversation with a total stranger with no trigger to begin the conversation.
Perhaps tomorrow I will start a conversation with a stranger on the train! Break up the routine of life and do something out of the ordinary. Will they find it awkward or intruiging? 

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